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Black heavy lace designer covered crown embellished with swarovski crystals. Med HS  $500.00 now $125.00
Moss green 2 piece hat covered with moss green velour, heavy lace and swarovski crystals. Med HS. $350.00 now $125.00 
White heavy sequin covered designer crown trimmed with striped white hackle feathers.
 Med head size. $350.00 
Black bugle bead covered sheer crown over underlay. Edge is trimmed with knitted circular balls. Med head size. $300.00 now $99.00
Red oversized crown trimmed with red lace, horse hair and swarovski crystals. large head size. $200.00, now $99.00
Red lace covered crown trimmed with horse hair embellished attachment, horse hair brim and swarovski crystals. Med head size. $150.00, now $99.00
White lace crown with white sculpted brim, adorned with swarovski crystals.
Med head size. $550.00 NOT AVAILABLE,  
Black and gold chained effect covered crown adorned with bugle beads. Med head size. $300.00,now $99.00
Kay Durden designer
Remaining hats on this page were priced from $150 to $500.00 are now $99.00 and $125.00 plus shipping. Taxes will be added to Tennessee customers.