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Today is Friday May 19, 2017, This is an update to inform you no orders will be process or accepted before June 3, 2017. The good news is I will be offering a few hat making classes in Memphis the months of June, July and August 2017. For more information please check back and feel free to browse the site.

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A number of things are changing here at Kay's Art of Millinery including our design. Some of those changes are we have created several lines of hats for sale. Those wishing to purchase custom hand made hats are invited to check out our newly relocated Kay's Hats of Distinction. We also sell buckram hat frames and I am proud to share the fact that Kay's Art of Millinery is the first to create a professionally produced line of FOSSHAPE(R) hat frames. The unfinished frames on both hat frames sites have been created for those wishing to make their own hats. 

We also take custom orders and those having custom hats created also have numerous options starting with unique hat shapes from my buckram or FOSSHAPE(R) hat shapes lines. Those wanting hats blocked have the option of choosing shapes from my line of wooden hat blocks unlike many others offered. 

Other choices include hats made using materials such as sinamay, fabric, felt, or straw. Having the choice of using different materials gives you the option of creating truly one of a kind hats for women of distinction. So if you love those HWOD Hats for Women of Distinction, look no  further because hats on these page are NOT mass produced. Each hat is unique and created especially for women who wish to stand out from the crowd without having to compete with duplicated designs or materials. 
For more information call 318 792-5757 or email We are located in Memphis Tennessee and ship to customers throughout the United States.  Pages are still being updated so if you are interested in a product do not hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Most Sincerely
Kay's Art of Millinery

Kay Durden millinery designer