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My name is Kay and I am a milliner. My designs have been sold in numerous US states and I taught millinery classes. Over the years people often ask how I became interested in the millinery art,  the fact is I started making hats after being inspired by Princess Diana who was a hat wearer. 

Today when we think about milliners otherwise known as hat makers, we automatically visualize women with lots of hats and hat blocks as they sit blocking hat bodies. Personally I was very surprised to find the Art of Millinery was originally practiced predominant by men hatters and hat making was their only source of income. 

For many years fur felt and leather hides dominated the hat industry and were designed to be worn during the winter and fall seasons. Straws were designed to be worn during summer and spring months. Then a few decades ago, the old buckram material that had been used primarily for costumes and dated hats reentered as a new player in the hat business.

For those unfamiliar with buckram, it is woven cotton fabric that has been stiffened and can be molded into to numerous shapes. It was easily accessible because it could be purchased almost anywhere sewing materials were sold.  Buckram could be covered with any type of pliable fabric for any season. Needless to say, it could also be coordinated to match almost any wearing apparel. Many of the older vintage hats still being sold in antique stores were made from buckram and are more than 50 years old. More recently; in the past few years a new material was created called FOSSHAPE(R) which also may be used for hat making. These two materials in addition to others are used for my designs and are also offered for sale.  I look forward to serving you, in the meantime make this the very best day you can.

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